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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Stratux + Canakit + DVB-T usb dongle = Real-time weather and air-traffic updates in the cockpit.


Approximate cost: $84

Downloaded stable Stratux release:

I use Linux, so after downloading, I extracted the image and then wrote it to the 8GB microSD card that came included with the Canakit.

sudo dd -if=\locationofimage\stratux...img of=\dev\mmcxblk0

Next I assembled the kit, inserted microSD, plugged in the WiFi dongle included with the Canakit, the DVB-T usb dongle and powered it up.

No WiFi AP showed up...uh-oh
Turns out the Canakit WiFi dongle isn't compatible with Stratux out of the box.

No Problem...
Connect pi2 to the network via Ethernet and ssh into it. Default username:pi password:raspberry

once logged in, I ran:
sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude -y upgrade
sudo cp /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf /etc/hostapd/hostapdORG.confsudo nano /etc/hostapd/hostapd.confdelete all contents and pasted this in:interface=wlan0ssid=stratuxhw_mode=gchannel=1macaddr_acl=0auth_algs=1ignore_broadcast_ssid=0
then exit (ctrl+x) and save
issued a reboot:
sudo reboot 
and voila! It was alive.


Unknown said...

Thank you. I am so very close now to getting this to work. After following everything above exactly I am facing yet one more FAIL.
[FAIL] Starting ISC DHCP server: dhcpd[....] check syslog for diagnostics. ... failed!
[FAIL] startpar: service(s) returned failure: sic-dhcp-server ... failed!

Thanks again for helping with the CANAKIT wifi problem.

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